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Our goal is to guide you through an evolution.

From traditional, to state-of-the-art – now is the time for an evolution in school management. C-SMART (Centralized School Management and Recording Tool) is TechTaxi’s next generation school system that’s designed to make your academic system more streamlined and efficient. It’s currently being used by a satisfied client. Join the evolution today!


Gives staff members access only to what they need. Currently, our system separates individual teachers, registrar, guidance, disciplinary and accounting personnel, with each group given limited information for confidentiality and security purposes. This means a less cluttered user interface.


Assign sections to students by spreading out equitable measurements of the same parameters like gender, grade point average, and others. With a little bit of human intervention, you can also schedule your teachers to avoid mix-ups and overlaps with other teachers’ schedule.


Give your employees privileged access to student records and they won’t have to ask around for vital student information. Information about student’s personal records, their status, guidance office records, or payment status are available with just few clicks.


Our class records feature is so user friendly that with little training, anyone can use it. Grade students, compute averages and percentile, and view the results per student, section and subject.


All account details are easily accessed through a centralized database. Members of the faculty, admissions, registrar, and accounting can track student records and enrollment transactions with ease.


Have an existing accounting system? C-SMART can work with what you have. We can integrate with your accounting software so your student accounts are always in sync with current enrollees. Have students with an overdue balances? The accounting staff can hold their report cards prior to release.


Incoming enrollees can also process their requirements on the internet, consistent with going paper-less.


Record students' attendance, absences and tardiness with our ID System. Parents can also keep track of their kids' time-in and time-out on a weekly basis, absences and schools announcements via email. Excuse letters can also be sent electronically should you prefer it done that way.


1. Dashboard
  • Grade submission status can be tracked by department or grade level heads.
  • Activity statistics show the administrator how much the system is being used within the last 30 days.
  • A progress bar shows your and the group’s completed tasks per quarter.
  • Automatic honor roll and dean’s list computation
2. Disciplinary Grade Override
3. K-12 ready in terms of grade computation and documentation
4. Adaptable to a college setting. Block students by section and automatically assign them. We can also create a curriculum with computation based on your current process. Irregular students can also choose their own subjects and schedules as well.

Our Packages

C-SMART is equipped with the best features and modules to help you run your school smoothly and efficiently.

"The less time the teachers spend on managing their class records manually, the more time they can focus on preparing their lesson plans and attend to their other functions."

- Vincent Calaor, CEO - TechTaxi Inc.

Student Information
Permanent Record
Class List
Curriculum Management
Subject Assignment
Class Record
Summary Sheet
Report Card / Form 138
Form 18 / School Form 1,5 and 6
Conduct Sheet
ECE Checklist Grading
Preschool Checklist Grading
Honor Roll
Grade Level and Subject Area Access
Online Pre-registration
Attendance and Tardiness Recording
Anecdotal Records
Automated Class Sectioning
Analytics (5 custom reports)
Enrollment Procedure/Assessment and Statement of Account
School website - up to 20 static pages
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Project Overview

Centralized School Management and Recording Tool (C-SMART) is TechTaxi’s next generation school system, designed to make your academic processes streamlined and efficient. This aims to do away with most of the manual operations from student information management, to teacher loading and scheduling, up to student records processing. C-SMART features an automated computing in compliance to DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015 (Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program).

We can help your school’s staff to be more efficient by minimizing time spent on the scheduling and assigning of load to your teaching personnel with a minimal human intervention. This will avoid mix-ups and overlapping with other teacher’s schedule.

With C-Smart, you can automate the grades computation, generate averages and percentile, and view the performance of students and sections with just a few clicks

Through a centralized database, information are available to your staff depending on their access level. Members of the faculty, admissions, registrar and accounting may track student records and enrolment transactions with ease.

Computerized Grading System

A computerized grading system is a highly desirable addition to the educational tool kit particularly when it can provide less effort and a more effective and timely outcome.

Having a computerized grading system would make the task of recording and computing of grades easier f or the teachers. Aside from this, students will also get benefit from this because of the improvement in the accuracy of calculations and in the proficiency and productivity of the teachers.


Teaching Staff
Techers would be able to record and compute for the grades of the students faster, lessening their workload and providing them with added time to attend to other functions, resulting to improving efficiency and productivity as teachers.

School Administrators
Administrators no longer have to re-compute the grades of each student to check accuracy. Reports such as grading sheets and class records can be submitted on time.

Students can expect better learning experience since their teachers have more time to prepare lesson plans.


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